Managing your mental health during isolation

Own your mind

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”

– Steve Maraboli

Your 6 weeks training program

Through this 6-weeks training program you get access to know-how, exercises and tools within these training topics.

Mindset transformation

Learn how to transition from reactive to creative mindset and identify new possibilities for yourself.

Thought management

Learn how to become more aware of your thought patterns and practice observing them without overreacting.


Learn how to understand your behavior patterns to identify habits to let go of, and new healthier habits to adopt.

Motivation and focus

Learn how to identify your personal motivational factors and leverage them to sustain your new healthier habits.

Work-life balance

Learn how to design a healthy balanced lifestyle and how to put it in practice.

Self talk

Learn how to phrase your self talk and shift from negative to positive reinforcing self talk.

Own your mind

Even though the outside world is changing and challenging you, you still have control over how you choose to engage with it and the way you live through it.

Learn to become the best version of yourself.